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Online cycling gear stores discounts

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Online outdoor gear stores & special deals & discount coupons for cyclists.

Update: In addition to the special offers and deals from the great and trustworthy online outdoor stores below, there is now also a special online shop for BikeTravellers! Shop at for the best brands in the outdoor industry. Check their latest deals out here:

Dear fellow adventurers, for a good and safe cycle trip (or hike/climb) you need good gear. We recommend that you support your local Outdoor Shop if possible, especially if you need advice, fitting etc. But not all have an Outdoor Store near or they overprice their items.

Unfortunately, good gear often means expensive gear and cyclists are not known for their fat wallet 😉 Most people do not realize that the biggest online Outdoor Shops often have cycling departments (and most outdoor gear can be used on a biketrip anyway) and offer big discounts on brand names as The North Face, Marmot, MSR, Patagonia, Arcteryx and many more. Some items and discounts are seasonal and the best deals change constantly.

Instead of searching the web for the best stores and clicking on advertisements for deals, just check this page, we use it ourselves :) We have done all the searching, all you need to do is check what you need, click the links and buy it online.

Listed below are the current deals and coupons for gear from the following main Outdoor gear specialists we know you can trust, because we know them or used them ourselves:

On the left side of the page is a short description, with some RSS buttons, so you can subcribe to the feed if you want. If you have no idea what you just read, don’t worry, just clicking the links on the right will get you to the deals :)

T-shirts & stuff

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T-shirts for Bike Travellers!

Surprise your kid, husband or wife with a great bicyle T-shirt!
In this little flash panel on the right, you can see a sample of our new T-shirts. They are not just beautiful (you can still choose the size, colour and type of T-shirt etc), but they will also help you on the road: the designs and texts on them are irresistible for people around you :)!
Check them out here and get or customize your Biketravellers T-shirts here!.

Bike wear and gear deals for BikeTravellers

Rather have some well-known cycling brands but not for the full price? Good, as we just added this: here are some current deals on cycling gear and clothing, all 30% off or more:
(Mouseover for more details and click the ‘next’ & ‘prev’ buttons above to quickly see more offers!).

Show your love for The Bike!

All the designs below can be printed on demand on T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, baby clothes, mousepads, mugs and much more. You can choose size, colour, model etc.
Choose your design and get the gear to show the world that you care about her! By buying here you will also support the BikeTravellers website, so you do two good things at once :)

Mario Wolff & Vertical

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Mario Wolff Outdoor

Mario Wolff is also someone who has turned his passion into his living. A climber by heart, he is nw the importer and dirtibutor for Vertical clothing as well as Stic-it (for rockclimbing) as well as Tear Aid, clever stuff that you can use to fix everything.

His main focus is on the wonderful Vertical clothing. Vertical (French website, Dutch website) uses the innovative material MP+. More breathable than Gore-Tex, stronger and more durable. The jackets he gave us are fully waterproof and weigh only 200grams!

Mario went throug a lot of trouble to make sure our new gear arrived on time, many thanks for your help Mario!

The gear is very nice and though primarily focused on climbers, very useful for cyclist and other travellers and adventurers as it is durable, functional but light and pretty as well :)

Mario Wolff | Bezoekadres: Stemerdingweg 7a 3769 CE Soesterberg | Tel nr 06-48172310 | E-mail: | kvk nr. 34247900 | Btw nr NL146386723B01

Gecko & Carinthia

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Gecko Climbing is a small importer of quality brands like Boreal and Carinthia and smaller specialized brands like Trango Bleastone, Elliot ST, Acun & beta stick as well as their own brand Gecko Climbing. Owner Jort veen is a great guy, a strong climber himself and very enthusiastic. He has gone out of his way to make sure all our gear arrived ok and on time, thanks Jort!

Their mission is to make climbing more safe and pleasant for both individual climbers as well as professionals who work on height like arborists. To reach this goal Gecko climbing has the policy to deliver their customers with all the information and service they need.

Boreal ( has given us great discount on our boots, gracias Jesus!


Carinthia ( has supplied us with specially made sleeping bags as well as great light downjackets that we have been using a lot. Owner Wolfgang personally has altered some models to make sure we will not be too cold! Vielen dank, Wolfgang!


The first criterion for buying a sleeping bag is of cause the warmth performance, based on this we listed up our products on this side in comfort areas .

The Products are divide into synthetics or downy fillings . You can follow our sides by the quick menu on top or entering the detailed information over the following tables. Our actual catalogue could be downloaded as a PDF under downloads.

Please take notice of our hints for the use of sleeping bags and to the key for our products explanations

Important criterions for buying a sleeping bag

As there are warmth performance, packing size and weight as the three arguments mostly important for your decision. So they should be thought about thoroughly. The next argument that occurs is the filling. Should it be synthetic or downy.

For that decision there is an important link between the purpose of use and the chosen material.For helping you making the right decision for the CARINTHIA product that suits you most we offer a lot of different tools on this side to compare our wide range of products.

40 years CARINTHIA thermo isolation

Whether in the far north of Canada, the South Pole, the peaks of the Himalayas, the African desert or the Austrian Alps, having the right sleeping bag makes a big difference to the success of an expedition.

We are aware of the responsibility we bear.Our company, CARINTHIA, has been manufacturing synthetic and down fillings for more than 40 years.

We are producing in Europe!

Twenty years ago we started developing and producing high-performance sleeping bags. State-of-the-art production plant and decades of experience ensure our high quality standards – something that can not be guaranteed in distant, overseas factories. We took the decision therefore to keep our manufacturing facilities in Europe.

Trust in our products

Our close contacts with numerous experienced mountaineers, and our continuous dialogue with participants at expeditions of our partners DAV Summit Club, Hauser exkursionen international and others, helps us to design ultra-practical products. We keep improving our new product range until they meet exactly all the requirements of our outdoor experts. Only then we allow our products to be included into our sales
range. Of course cold cell tests are part of the procedure.We use only the best materials available.

CARINTHIA outdoor wear

In this catalogue again we proudly present our newest developments for our new product range CARINTHIA OUTDOOR WEAR and other current products.


Since many years CARINTHIA fulfil every aspect in thermo isolation.World wide many (thousands
of)people trust in our sleeping bags,-outdoor wear- and tent-technology, whether in private or on an official mission.

40 years of experience in manufacturing synthetic- and downy fillings guaranties highest
standarts. With our new internet side we offer you a wide range of service and information.



Carinthia Sleeping Bags & outdoor wear
A. Mayer Goldeck
Seebachertrasse 11-13
9871 Seeboden / Austria

FON 0043.4762.510120
FAX 0043.4762.510118



E.I.A. Co.Ltd.
1-5-2 Hills SK Building 3F
153-0044 Ohashi Megur-Ku Tokyo/Japan
Tel: +813347630825
Fax: +81334760840

Härbyvej 44
DK-8660 Skanderborg/Dänemark
Tel: +4586511535
Fax: +4586524013

A.Mayer GmbH
Seebacherstraße 11-13
A-9871 Seeboden/Österreich
Tel: +434762510120
Fax: +434762510118

Nuijamiestentie 5C
FI-00400 Helsinki/Finnland
Tel: +358956074223
Fax: +3589 56074224

74, chemin des Cerisiers
FR-38330 Montbonnot/Frankreich
Tel: +33607069127
Fax: +33476419189

Ul. Chelmonskiego 18
PL-43-300 Bielsko-Biala/Polen
Tel: +48338164890
Fax: + 48338164890


Kfar Monash 42875
Tel: +97298940224
Fax: +97298940225

P.O. Box 537
NL-3740 Am Baarn/Holland
Tel: +31355424200
Fax: +31355415277

Huebstraße 3
CH-8633 Wolfhausen/Schweiz
Tel: +41552434320
Fax: +41552434322


Fabriksvägen 9
S-18632 Vallentuna/Schweden
Tel: +46851170027
Fax: +46851170037

Popradska 224
SK-05911 Hozelec/Slowakei
Tel: +421527894551
Fax: +421527881698

Karakoy Meydani Aksu Ishani
Kat 1 Karakoy
TR-34425 Karakoy – Istanbul/Türkei
Tel: +902122523420
Fax: +902122437588


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Simple, secure, and affordable online storage and offsite data backup.Nowadays a cycle trip is so much more than just a way to go from A-B. We make photos, maintain blogs, and film. All this digital material can get lost, broken or stolen, the nightmare of a photographer/filmer & writer like me.

I do have a small external harddrive, but likely it will get broken or stolen together with the gear it was trying to back-up. If you have sensitive data (who hasn’t?) the first thing to do is to download security software to Lock folders in Windows Vista, XP, NT, ME and 98 – this will prevent stolen data/drives being abused.

But then you still lost it yourself, so you will also need an additional back-up. After searching (and testing a few that did not work very well) I found the easiest and best online back-up solution.

Michael Fisher from ElephantDrive was intrigued with our trip and offered me a free Elephant drive for a year. I love how the system works and how you can just use your online drive as if it was part of your laptop.

I have no problem making some more promotion for it as it is a great solution for everybody and I definitely think that ElephanDrive is the best there is.

ElephantDrive is a simple, secure, and powerful online backup and storage service. Here is how it works:

How It Works

Create an Account

Download ElephantDesktop

Upload/Backup, Restore, Access, & Share Your Data

First – Create an Account

You begin to use ElephantDrive online backup and storage first by creating your
ElephantDrive account

Second – Download the ElephantDesktop

Once you’ve created your account, download the easy-to-install

Third – Access and Manage Your Data

You can use the ElephantDesktop to quickly, easily, and securely upload or backup your files and folders.

Your uploaded files are protected by strong encryption and stored in hardened, professionally managed datacenters with state of the art security and environmental protections. You can access your files from
anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Learn more about our security policies and practices!

Learn more about the pricing and features of Home users!

Learn more about the pricing and features of Business Users!

My hard drive failed. I freaked. I had all the pictures and video of my
son on that computer. Thank God for ElephantDrive – I was able to get them all back.

— Inge I.
Marina Del Rey, CA

How we keep your data safe and secure

How we keep it moving fast

How sub-accounts work

Do more than store!

  • Secure 128-bit SSL transferInformation sent from you to ElephantDrive is protected by the same
    system that banks and financial institutions use to secure their
  • Advanced 256-bit AES encryptionBefore transfer, your files are encrypted with the preferred algorithm of the U.S. government (approved for “Top Secret” use by the NSA).
  • Innovative delivery technologyOur engineers have designed an advanced, proprietary system for
    maximizing your available bandwidth while minimizing the effects on
    your system
  • Differential backupsElephantDrive recognizes which files are new or have been modified so
    that after your first backup competes, all future backup will go much
  • Workgroup Sub-AccountsThe Workgroup sub-accounts are ideal for sharing information among a
    small team or organization. Each one has its own credentials but
    all can see the shared data.
  • Independent Sub-AccountsThe Independent sub-accounts are totally private. They draw from
    the same storage allocation, but only the Independent account holder
    can see the data.
  • Secure SharingUse ElephantDrive to transfer large files securely to your colleagues, friends, and family.
  • Universal accessEvery file you store at ElephantDrive is available in real time, all
    the time. Unlike other services that archive your data away, you
    can get anything you need immediately!

1GB Free storage. No credit cards, no monthly payment, no expiration.

Unlimited Online Backup and Storage

For Home Users

Unlimited online storage for your photos, music, video, documents, and all other valuable files you have! Pre-made categories and our simple wizard make sure that all your important data gets automatically backed up!

Plans start at $4.95/month
Learn More

For Business Users
Leading solution for automating the protection and secure access of critical data for businesses. Pro Edition is ideal solution for firms that need to the security of off-site backup or the flexibility of multiple accounts.

Plans start at $34.95/month
Learn More

Lenovo laptops

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'Greenest' ThinkPad everLenovo Computers

Lenovo is part of IBM computers. Their Thinkpad series is well known all over the world. When researching our optimal road warrior’s laptop, we stumbled upon a pressrelease announcing the new X300. It was light (3 pounds/1.5 kgs), had a solid state disk (so no spinning harddisk), but still managed to pack 3 USB ports, a DVD-reader/burner, a 1400x900px screen, 2gb RAM, a core duo processor, a fingerprint reader, an integrated webcam and much more under the hood (go here to see a full list of specifications). Connectivity is important and the combination of a HSDPA modem, WIFI and an Ethernet connection will be vital for us.

We noticed Lenovo also in another positive way. They are leaders in green computing:

Read more about the green program below.

When Bernie Pruissen, head of Marketing Europe, heard of our plans, he immediately supported us as lenovo is dedicated to ‘green computing’. The result: Lenny, our faithful recipient of thoughts and rants and hardworking processor of photograps and videos. This is what others say about Lenny

Beyond thin and light

Lenovo’s amazing new ThinkPad X300 ultraportable notebook is the thinnest ThinkPad ever – less than
19mm at its thinnest. It’s light too, just 1.4 kg.

But the X300 is more than ultra-thin and ultra-light. It’s
ultra-functional, too, thanks for available performance and convenience
features like these:

Integrated DVD burner – Hard to find in an ultraportable

Extended-life batteries
Get up to 10 hours unplugged

Easy connectivity
Advanced wireless options plus Gigabit Ethernet

Convenience – 3 USB ports, line in/line out, and more

components on the X300 include Solid State storage drives (with no moving parts, they consume less power and are considered less likely to break down than traditional hard drives). The X300 also offers several wireless connectivity options including integrated Wireless WAN and Wlan.

Style-wise, the X300 is closer to the size of an actual paper notebook than a ThinkPad notebook has ever been. And it offers numerous design flourishes including a glossy bottom bezel, select illuminated buttons, and – for the first time in X Series – an integrated camera option and stereo speakers.

‘Greenest’ ThinkPad ever
'Greenest' ThinkPad ever In addition, ThinkPad X300 is the first Lenovo notebook rated EPEAT Gold
for low energy use and minimal impact on the environment. It also
meets the European Union’s Reduction of Hazardous Substances
standards. And it is Energy Star 4.0 qualified.

The X300 uses 25% less energy than previous X Series models. What else makes the ThinkPad X300 so “green”?

  • Energy-saving low voltage processors, LED backlit displays and solid state storage drives
  • Arsenic-free glass / Mercury-free displays
  • 90% recyclable packaging (by weight)
  • And much more

Why choose energy efficient products

Environmental issues are becoming important to organisations and individuals alike. Energy efficient choices can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy costs for the user, without sacrificing features, style or comfort.

Lenovo’s role in combating climate changes

Lenovo is committed to providing environmentally responsible, energy-efficient technology choices. In 2007 Lenovo joined the Board of Climate Savers Computing to support the efforts in reducing the IT CO2 emissions by 50% by 2010¹.


Move your mouse over the arrows to learn more

This is how we do it:

  • All Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks, ThinkVision monitors and many ThinkCentre products launched from 2008 are Energy Star 4.0 compliant and have up to 70% energy efficiency improvement compared to older generation PCs.
  • Lenovo systems that achieved EPEAT Gold rating also contain up to 90% re-usable and recyclable materials and their packaging is 90% recyclable.
  • Lenovo Power Manager and BatteryStretch² technologies provide adjustable power management for better performance and longer battery life.

Our end-to-end solution

Lenovo in partnership with our alliances offer a complete environmentally responsible solution from buying back and recycling customers’ old PCs to providing them with new energy efficient Lenovo systems that help reduce energy consumption and electricity costs.

Energy efficient products

Lenovo has a range of energy efficient EPEAT Gold systems and monitors to suit the requirements of different types of customers.

Your choice

A small office network of just 2 PCs can use as little as 130 kWh or as much as 1300 kWh annually³. Consider the environmental impact and achievable cost savings by switching older generation PCs to the Lenovo Energy Star 4.0 compliant products.

By choosing to purchase more energy-efficient PCs, consumers and organisations can do their part to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change while also saving money.

EPEAT Gold Energy Star Climate Savers GreenGuard Other Certificates

De Vakantiefietser

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De Vakantiefietser

Eric Schuit is one of those people that has turned his hobby into work, but in a good way 😉

He is an avid cyclist, has written several books and uses all his accumulated knowledge about bicycles in one of the most fun stores in the Netherlands: De Vakantiefietser.

All types and brands of bicycles can be bought as well as a range of books, maps, Ortlieb bags and other great gear you need for a perfect trip.

But the best Eric has to offer is his knowledge: as he still goes away to cycle in faraway places a few months every year, he definitely knows what he is talking about.Inside the vakantiefietser shop in Amsterdam

Thanks Eric for the advice and help you gave us!

From his website:

De Vakantiefietser

De specialist voor je fietsvakantie
uitrusting – fietsen – reizen


The Holiday biker

The specialist for your bicycle trekking holiday
equipment, trekkingbicycles, travelinformation

Cycling is fun!

An increasing amount of people choose a sportive holiday under one’s own power. With the wind blowing trough your hair, enjoying the beauty surrounding you, you feel free as a bird on your bicycle. De Vakantiefietser helps you along with enthusiastic stories, a well fitted bike, practical equipment, advice and expertise.

Bicycle trekking equipment

From waterproof panniers to cycle maps, from gasoline burner to
down sleeping bags, from unbreakable carrier racks to self-inflating
mattresses and from breathable rain jackets to puncture proof tires, we
have everything in the house.
What to think of a headlight, waterproof socks, compact tool, bicycle
trailer, synthetic towels, luggage net, water bag, first aid set,
universal bath stop or camera stand for on your handlebar.

Holiday bicycles

kind of bicycle is suitable for you not only depends on the duration of your trip and the destination, but also on your budget. It makes quite a difference whether you are going on a world trip, or go on bike holiday to France.
That is why we have bicycles in different qualities and price
categories: idworx, Koga Miyata, Koga Signature, Santos, Snel, Van Nicholas and VSF. Besides that we are the specialist in The Netherlands for a trekking bike with Rohloff speed hub.
Delivery for a new bike is from one to eight weeks.

Cycle guides, maps and travels

In our book cupboards are hundreds of bicycle guides. Apart from Dutch guides, we also have German and English guides and travel stories. Our maps are especially selected for cyclists. So you will not leave our shop with a walking or car map.
On our coffee table there are (next to the ‘negerzoenen’) brochures of a number of cycle travel companies. We do not sell travels, but we can help you finding the most suitable travel organisation for you.

About Eric Schuijt

Eric Schuijt cycled through more than eighty countries and wrote four books about these travels.
In his shop, De Vakantiefietser, you can find your trekking bike, as
well as your complete bike trekking equipment and travels. All the
employees at De Vakantiefieter cycled all over the world. Eric and
his staff can serve you with their expertise because of many years of
experience with bike trekking.


You don’t want back and neck pains or painful wrists? On our
measuring frame we find your ideal frame size and the most convenient
adjustment of your bicycle. If you’re busy during our opening
hours, we can also serve you at a time that suits you better.
Every customer who buys a bicycle receives the Friend-of-Eric-card.
This entitles you to a discount on your travel equipment. And if you
have problems with your bicycle while you are on holiday, we will send
you the necessary parts.


Almost every Tuesday-evening we organise an activity in the shop like:

  • Bicycle maintenance for when you’re on the way;
  • Basic course bicycle maintenance;
  • Workshop ‘preparations for a bicycle holiday’;
  • Workshop ‘preparations for a long bicycle trip’;
  • Readings about bicycle trekking from enthusiastic bicycle travellers

On this website

you can find information on

  • Advise about equipment, bicycles and bicycle clothing,
  • Tips for buying a trekking bicycle,
  • Packing list,
  • Agenda of activities,
  • Travel impressions,
  • Books and maps via internet,
  • Links to websites which are interesting for trekking cyclists.

Everything is written in Dutch, but with the help of Babelfish, you can at least understand what I have written.


De Vakantiefietser is located in the centre and is not far from the Central Station.

De Vakantiefietser
Westerstraat 216
1015 MS Amsterdam
Telephone 00-31-(0)20-616 4091

Opening hours

    Tuesday from 10:00 – 18:00 hrs
    Wednesday from 10:00 – 18:00 hrs
    Thursday from 10:00 – 21:00 hrs
    Friday from 10:00 – 18:00 hrs
    Saturday from 09:00 -17:00 hrs.
    Due to Eric’s continuing cycle trips, the shop has limited opening hours in the months of november en december.

Free parking for cyclists

If you visit us, you can park your (trekking) bicycle save inside!


Public transport from Amsterdam Central Station, tram 17, get off at stop Westerkerk, it’s a 400 m walk to our shop.

On cycling or walking-distance from Amsterdam Central Station.

Our Favorite cycling Books

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As some of you know, I run a photoblog, called, the world exposed in words & Vision. if you have not visited it, do so now :)

It contains images from all 7 continents, of culture and nature, with some of my thoughts and comments added.

All images are available as stock image or as enlargements for private use. A selection of the images can currently be ordered online on Imagekind as poster prints, with or without frame and in different sizes and paper types. You can scroll through the available categories and images below, click here to buy them:

Contact me if you want others and I will add them.

Here is an overview of the most commented images on

Most commented images on, available as fine art Fine Art Prints

Print & frame my art at Imagekind...

Stock & Limited edition Fine art prints

Please contact me at for any special requests, like stock, book covers etc. All images are rights-managed and fee will depend on the usage, so please let me know: purpose, circulation, geography (country vs worldwide) etc.

Note that all poster and fine art prints do NOT have the URL in the picture as here on the site. This is just to prevent image theft and illegal copying and distributing of my online versions of the images, the prints will have the URL & image name printed on the coloured border only, not in the image, so if you want you can cut it off or put a matte over it.

Cycling = Art

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Posters of wonderful cycle-inspired photos and paintings. You can choose the size, paper and framing yourself and even ship it as a present. Show your love for the bicycle!

ps: if you are interested in culture and mountains, you can also check out my own posters here:

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