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T-shirts & stuff

July 10, 2008 by  
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T-shirts for Bike Travellers!

Surprise your kid, husband or wife with a great bicyle T-shirt!
In this little flash panel on the right, you can see a sample of our new T-shirts. They are not just beautiful (you can still choose the size, colour and type of T-shirt etc), but they will also help you on the road: the designs and texts on them are irresistible for people around you :)!
Check them out here and get or customize your Biketravellers T-shirts here!.

Bike wear and gear deals for BikeTravellers

Rather have some well-known cycling brands but not for the full price? Good, as we just added this: here are some current deals on cycling gear and clothing, all 30% off or more:
(Mouseover for more details and click the ‘next’ & ‘prev’ buttons above to quickly see more offers!).

Show your love for The Bike!

All the designs below can be printed on demand on T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, baby clothes, mousepads, mugs and much more. You can choose size, colour, model etc.
Choose your design and get the gear to show the world that you care about her! By buying here you will also support the BikeTravellers website, so you do two good things at once :)

Mario Wolff & Vertical

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Mario Wolff Outdoor

Mario Wolff is also someone who has turned his passion into his living. A climber by heart, he is nw the importer and dirtibutor for Vertical clothing as well as Stic-it (for rockclimbing) as well as Tear Aid, clever stuff that you can use to fix everything.

His main focus is on the wonderful Vertical clothing. Vertical (French website, Dutch website) uses the innovative material MP+. More breathable than Gore-Tex, stronger and more durable. The jackets he gave us are fully waterproof and weigh only 200grams!

Mario went throug a lot of trouble to make sure our new gear arrived on time, many thanks for your help Mario!

The gear is very nice and though primarily focused on climbers, very useful for cyclist and other travellers and adventurers as it is durable, functional but light and pretty as well :)

Mario Wolff | Bezoekadres: Stemerdingweg 7a 3769 CE Soesterberg | Tel nr 06-48172310 | E-mail: | kvk nr. 34247900 | Btw nr NL146386723B01


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Check out these cool products and show your love for the cyclists! Also for every product shipped, we get a small percentage, which is just a few cents, but it will help us another few miles!

  • The cheapest way toi get cycling clothing & gear is to shop online. We have gathered all current online deals at the biggest online stores, see them here and grab your discount (updated constantly).
  • For the best cycling books about and for bike travellers (in English or Spanish), DVD’s, cycling parts and even complete bicycles, check out Our Favorite Cycling Books shop
  • For art inspired by cycling, visit our Cycling = Art shop, where you can order posters and have them framed to your wishes.
  • If you are interested in buying high quality posters of my photos from (my website about the culture and nature of the 7 continents), you can see some examples here.
  • And if you are interested in some cool cycling T-shirts or other wearables, check out the images below, every design can be printed on mugs, stickers t-shirts, babyclothes and much more.

create custom t-shirts at Zazzle
Happy shopping :)