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1000 Americans: Todd Light, Haley’s Grove

December 14, 2008 by ,  
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1000 Americans: Todd Light, Haley's Grove

In our guidebook, some words were scribbled in the sideline. In Vancouver, CA, Kristen had written the name of Todd, and that we should try to find him when we were in Haley’s Grove, a collection of old houses in the Redwoods. She had stayed with Todd on her bike trip and said he was a great guy.

When I stopped in Haley’s Grove, a car just drove up.

‘Are you Todd?’, I asked.

‘Yes, how do you know me?’, he replied, and I showed him the paper. We ended up parking our bikes inside and staying a night in his house, enjoying telling each other stories from the road and from life in general and Northern California in particular, in front of a warm woodstove…

He own quite a bit of land, with still some redwoods and other vegetation.. But he is getting tired of the cold and wet weather and has asked us to look around for a spot in Belize…

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