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1000 Americans: Bill Enos, Mulege

August 10, 2009 by ,  
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Bill Enos, Mulege


Bill is a master in entering curses in his sentences whenever he talks about his life, his neighbours, his countrymen, both from the US as well as Mexico, his health or anything in particular. But behind all those words is a nice guy in his late sixties, who spends his time in a small oasis in the Mexican desert, trying to forget about his back pain and loving his 4 cats (‘You’re such a good cat!’), while supplying the other gringos with satellite TV.

He used to live closer to the sea, “but the ‘100-year’ storm was coming every few years and I woke up in the water, while being on the #$%@&*! second floor in the last big one!”. So he decided to move up to a bit higher ground, while waiting for the USA-Americans that keep on building brand new houses on his former land, to get soaked in the next big one…

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One Response to “1000 Americans: Bill Enos, Mulege”
  1. Sheiila says:

    I think we used to know a Bill Enos but he had no cats. He used to have a cable business in Old Town Sacramento and we had the cats. Now it is Presa Canarios.

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