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Our gear


Our bikes are heavily loaded, so what is in all those bags?

Below is a list, with links to detailed pages, where we will tell if we liked the gear, or if we replaced it (and why!):

Our Bikes:

Bicycles/gear/racks: Santos Travelmaster with Rohloff gearhub, see the details page for all parts and technical specifications.

Panniers: Ortlieb panniers


Sleeping bag: Carinthia ECC Expedition 600 (with extra filling courtesy of Carinthia!)

Tent: Big Agnes Copperspur UL 3

Mattresses: first semi-inflatable, now selfinflating Therm-A Rest, 120x51x2,5cm

Stove: MSR Whisperlite



(more to come soon!)


One Response to “Our gear”
  1. It’s great to read your experiences with a long trip, and as a couple, by bicycle.
    Do you wear helmets or any protective clothing or headgear during your travels, such as on long downhills?
    And what was the “ready to go” weight of each bike and weight of the gear you carried?
    Also, I think you mention that your tires were chosen for best durability, but not speed. Do you have a number(percent loss?) for the friction they exhibit over and above that of tires designed for speed?
    I’m thrilled tolearn about the Rohloff internal gear hub, and to read your high mileage, high load experiences with it. I recently purchased a mid-grade mountain bike and yet the pedal derailleur has given me major troubles. I now can’t wait to replace the chain shifters with an internal gear hub.

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