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Day 152/3, 10/11 Dec 2008: The Avenue of the Giants

Avenue of the GiantsOne of the greatest places we have seen on this trip, was dark and cold… Views were very limited, but that was exactly the main attraction as we were cycling on the Avenue of the Giants, a 50 km (31mile) long road through the Humboldt Redwood State Park in Northern California.

Only about 4-5% of the original giant trees (Redwoods and Giant Sequoias) are left after the logging activities, and this place is one of the best to enjoy the grandeur of the trees.

Treehugger IvanaAfter cycling through thousands of kilometres of forests and nature, we had not expected to be so impressed anymore, but just cycling and walking between these Giants, some over 100 meter high and thousands of years old, made us feel humble and small. It also gave hope that maybe nature can be saved if humans try to do their best as well…

Soon more stories about Northern California, for now I just wanted to share some images of the road, the trees, the villages and the odd tourist attractions. It is hard to put the Giants into perspective, the light is always wrong (or absent) and no photo will ever do justice to the feeling of being there.

Ivana parked at the Avenue of the Giants Ivana cycles through a treeIvana's new wooden houses Ivana's new wooden house

Avenue of the Giants

Small woman. big trees

Ivana & fallen giant treeRedwood palace & jail, Miranda

Ivana cycling in the woods

Bird of prey

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