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About us


Lounging on a random tandem bike in Amsterdam. Photo by Claire Bloomberg

Who are we?

Harry Kikstra, a climber/expedition leader/ photographer/ filmmaker/ producer/ writer/ public speaker/ cycler and many other things that have to do with sharing the beauty of the outdoors. I have climbed the 7 continental highpoints and have traveled a lot and will not stop soon, though normally I am based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. See my detail page on the 7 summits statistics here or just Google me in word or images.

I run several websites:, and more.

Ivana Coria, a Psychologist turned BikeTraveller. She has already cycled around New Zealand and from Malaysia to India, through Turkey and in Italy. Her last stories, in Spanish, can be found on

Together we have started on our next adventure: from July 2008 we will try to cycle from Northern Alaska to Southern Argentina. Our blogs can be found here and as well on, where all BikeTravellers can get their own free blog as well.

Read a lot more about us and our backgrounds on this Frequently Asked Questions page, which also gives hints on how to support our journey.

We want to support the environment, but also get attention for an excellent initiative to give hardworking people in poor countries a fair chance: please read all about here.

We love getting comments or feedback, so do leave some comments after reading our posts, thanks!


11 Responses to “About us”
  1. Linda Lopez says:


    Just a note to tell you two how much we enjoyed having you stay with us! Hope to see you again sometime: I’ll probably have a new story about how we disposed of my Step-dad’s ashes!


  2. Don Austin says:

    Hi Harry and Ivanna!
    Really, really enjoyed meeting you two today and viewing Ano Nuevo State Reserve with you. Just a glance at this first site of yours, gives me an incite into the great adventure you both are sharing. I copied you business card to the others on the trip as well as Allen, our super Dolcent.
    Don Austin

  3. Sherry Hyde says:

    Dear Harry & Ivana, What a pleasure to meet both of you yesterday (2/2/2009) at Ano Nuevo on our hike to see the Elephant Seals. I’m so envious of your free spirit, sense of adventure, physical abilities, and lack of fear. You are a darling couple, so fun and interesting to talk with, and I wish you the very best and a safe journey. I’ve been reading your web-site for 2 days now and am in such awe of what a great site it is to visit and read about. Keep up the good work. I sincerely hope our paths will cross again. I’ll keep checking on you two. Love ya, Sherry Hyde

  4. Salvador says:

    How beautiful is your project !

    Congratulations for this project, thank you for sharing.

    Good luck to you both.


  5. barbara schafer says:

    Hi Harry and Ivana. Just checking in to see how things are going. Ramiro back in Argentina now for a short trip. We are just back from a fabulous trip to Osa Peninsula Costa Rica. Maybe you will bike through on way into Panama. Just beautiful and extraordinary wild life. Hope you are getting some good meals other than cheese! Thinking of both of you and wondering how far south you have made it. Please check in and let us know.
    Barb and Ramiro

  6. Lincoln Hall says:

    Hi Harry and and Ivana. Hope you are both well and enjoying the journey know this has not always been the case. Of to Puerto Rico on Wednesday then some time in the US doing more book promotions, just another edition of Dead Lucky. keep those wheels turning. 5 minutes to midnight here. Gotta go or I’ll turn into a yellowpumkinman.
    All the best,

  7. Steve Stuart says:

    Hi Harry,

    Just noticed your copyright notice. I’d like your photo of you and Ivana with a tandem in my facebook site as I start a photo list of people who have stayed with us through Warmshowers.
    Let me know if mind or would like me to use an alternate photo as I cannot find the one Erin took of you.
    Steve Stuart
    Carslbad, CA

    • Harry says:

      About the photo: yes, you can use that one if you like, but please do mention both the page it comes from as well as our friend Claire’s website, as she took the photo (and she is a pro photographer): . Else you can search my photos and/or Flickr stream for “us in” and you will get several results 🙂 I am not on facebook, but Ivana (ivana coria) is, so maybe you can connect, will be nice to see your page of cyclists!

      Hope you and your family are doing well and you are managing your before-breakfast-miles, thanks again for your hospitality and Warm Shower.

      With best regards from the hot South,
      Harry & Ivana

  8. Hi I am writing for Whitehorse. Tracy told me about you guys. My husband and I meet up Dec 15 in LA to cycle Baja and into Central America.
    We are on Bike fridays any tips?

    Diana Komejan (yes my parents are from the Netherlands)
    Ian Pineau

    • Harry says:

      Hi Diana & Ian!

      Thanks for your comment, First of all, say hi to Tracy!

      There are too many things to write here, it’s impossible to sum up several months in generic advice. I suggest you just read the blog posts on from California to Mexico chronologically as many tips, hosts and other facts are hidden in the texts.

      Also check & for hosts along the way (see also our 1000 Americans category). Most of all enjoy the ride it is a wonderful part of the Panamerican.

      If you do not have a blog yet, you can get one at (this also where WorldOnaBike is hosted).

      Enjoy and keep us posted!

      With best regards,
      Harry & Ivana

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