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As some of you know, I run a photoblog, called, the world exposed in words & Vision. if you have not visited it, do so now 🙂

It contains images from all 7 continents, of culture and nature, with some of my thoughts and comments added.

All images are available as stock image or as enlargements for private use. A selection of the images can currently be ordered online on Imagekind as poster prints, with or without frame and in different sizes and paper types. You can scroll through the available categories and images below, click here to buy them:

Contact me if you want others and I will add them.

Here is an overview of the most commented images on

Most commented images on, available as fine art Fine Art Prints

Print & frame my art at Imagekind...

Stock & Limited edition Fine art prints

Please contact me at for any special requests, like stock, book covers etc. All images are rights-managed and fee will depend on the usage, so please let me know: purpose, circulation, geography (country vs worldwide) etc.

Note that all poster and fine art prints do NOT have the URL in the picture as here on the site. This is just to prevent image theft and illegal copying and distributing of my online versions of the images, the prints will have the URL & image name printed on the coloured border only, not in the image, so if you want you can cut it off or put a matte over it.


4 Responses to “ fine art & posters”
  1. Brittney Scott says:

    I am looking for posters to decorate my is giving me wonderful opportunity to collect the creative posters.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Jit says:

    Harry, great photos! I was wondering if I can get 11 ft X 9 ft posters?

    • Harry says:

      Hi Jit, it depends on the source image, but yes, some can be enlarged that big, though the regular size is maximal 60” wide (5 feet).

      Send me an email through the contact form above (or a comment here) if you are seriously interested and I can probably arrange a larger print, though it will be very costly to produce and ship. But it will look great 🙂

  3. Will Rotzler says:


    Can you give me some thoughts on using vintage advertising posters of bicycle art to adapt to modern day bicycle events. The planned event is held in a small community that has resisted change for 100 years and it is a goal to bring back a feeling of the past and pay tibute to what once was. Event tee shirts and event advertising is the insperation for this search and melding of times.

    Thank You,

    Will Rotzler

    Will Rotzler

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