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Jacobsons & Ortlieb


Jacobsons is a daughter of AGU. Jacobsons imports great cycling brands like Nalini, GripGrab, Carrera and many more, see below for an overview. When they heard about our plans they worked hard to get us all the gear we needed. Former manager Mario moved mountains and set us up with the perfect gear.

  • For cyclists there is only one brand of panniers: Ortlieb ( These are proven time after time and are the strongest and most durable panniers around.
  • Carrera supplies beautiful and still fucntional eyewear and helmets
  • Of course our Santos bikes already came with the only real racks available: Tubus
  • I love good gloves and GripGrab delivers.
  • For the first cold months, we are being kept warm by Brynje underwear
naar Nalini naar GripGrab naar Ortlieb naar Diadora
naar Tubus naar Brynje naar Sportsbalm naar HAD
naar Racktime naar Bianchi Milano naar Carrera naar Smith
naar Moa

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