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Check out these cool products and show your love for the cyclists! Also for every product shipped, we get a small percentage, which is just a few cents, but it will help us another few miles!

  • The cheapest way toi get cycling clothing & gear is to shop online. We have gathered all current online deals at the biggest online stores, see them here and grab your discount (updated constantly).
  • For the best cycling books about and for bike travellers (in English or Spanish), DVD’s, cycling parts and even complete bicycles, check out Our Favorite Cycling Books shop
  • For art inspired by cycling, visit our Cycling = Art shop, where you can order posters and have them framed to your wishes.
  • If you are interested in buying high quality posters of my photos from (my website about the culture and nature of the 7 continents), you can see some examples here.
  • And if you are interested in some cool cycling T-shirts or other wearables, check out the images below, every design can be printed on mugs, stickers t-shirts, babyclothes and much more.

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Happy shopping 🙂

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