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Photos, Texts & Copyright



To be clear: all information, texts and images are copyrighted by me and no image can be copied, published, altered, distributed or otherwise used commercially without a prior agreement.

Just ask if you are non-commercial, I am quite a nice guy 🙂

If given permission and only then, the image can be used, just as long as all following points are met:

  1. The use is non-commercial. We particularly promote use in classrooms, photography and other (non-commercial) educational purposes, but also other (non-commercial) websites and blogs can re-use the images, as long as they are not hotlinked. Non-commercial also means that prints you may make, cannot be sold.
  2. The work is attributed to Harry Kikstra, This is done by placing this text with a link to the image page if the image is used online, or just the text when used offline (in presentations, print, broadcasts) etc.
  3. No derivative works are made. This means that the images cannot be altered, so the border and texts (titles, URL) must remain as they are part of the image; the images can not be changed in any way.

As an addition to the above general license the following conditions must also be met:

– The images cannot be used to promote any single religion as no specific religion -or even any at all- is endorsed. I am a strong supporter of both freedom of as well as from religion.

– No images may be used in any hate- or other objectionable context (racism, sexism, breach of human rights, pornography, gambling, drugs, alcohol etc.)

Links back to & from any website are very much appreciated, even when not using the images.

Stock and prints sale, presentations, copyright, publications & contact


Print & frame my art at Imagekind...

All images are available as stock image or as enlargements for private use. A selection of the images can currently be ordered online on Imagekind as poster prints, with or without frame and in different sizes and paper types. See the available categories and images below, click here to buy them:

Contact me if you want others and I will add them, so they can be bought as posters and/or cards.

Stock & Limited edition Fine art prints

Please contact me at for any special requests, like stock, book covers etc. All images are rights-managed and fee will depend on the usage, so please let me know: purpose, circulation, geography (country vs worldwide) etc.

Note that all poster and fine art prints do NOT have the URL in the picture as here on the site.

This is just to prevent image theft and illegal copying and distributing of my online versions of the images, the prints will have the URL & image name printed on the coloured border only, not in the image, so if you want you can cut it off or put a matte over it.


2 Responses to “Photos, Texts & Copyright”
  1. Heinz Gehnke says:

    Hello from Germany
    is it ok if I use the Foto “Girls posing in Guatemala” for our Newspaper. I want to invite the Queen of potatoes and so I want to show the people in our town a pikture from that lovely country.
    Thanks a lot

    • Harry says:

      Hello Heinz,

      Thanks for your email. No you cannot use this photo as first of all newspaper are commercial, so payment would be needed. More importantly, I do not have a model release for the girls, so it can not be published in commercial places anyway.

      Sorry for that, but thanks for asking,

      Thanks, Best regards, Harry

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