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1000 Americans: Marty Auls and his posessions

August 16, 2008 by ,  
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Just before reaching Fairbanks, we saw a guys sitting in a foldable chair, next to the road. Behind him was a driveway, half overgrown with trees, and for the other half covered with trash.

‘The IRS has been warning me for 30 years that they would come and take my stuff, So I thought I would just line it up for them!’

An incredible collection of stuffed animals, bike parts, electronics, car plates and unidentiable stuff was spread as far as the eye could see.

‘Do you speak Deutsch? Here, read this!’

Marty comes back with an old faded article in a german magazine. On the picture he has a skinny blonde on his lap with not too many clothes on.

‘Our favorite passtime together was to moon tourists. We would sit outside and show our behind to passing tourbuses. we got many warnings from the police, but the tourists loved it. You should have heard those Japanese cameras click when she ran 3 times around their bus bucknaked!. One day, she ran off with another jack-ass…’

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