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1000 Americans: Bill Enos, Mulege

August 10, 2009 by , 1,219 views 
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Bill Enos, Mulege


Bill is a master in entering curses in his sentences whenever he talks about his life, his neighbours, his countrymen, both from the US as well as , his health or anything in particular. But behind all those words is a nice guy in his late sixties, who spends his time in a small oasis in the Mexican desert, trying to forget about his back pain and loving his 4 cats (‘You’re such a good cat!’), while supplying the other gringos with satellite TV.

He used to live closer to the sea, “but the ‘100-year’ storm was coming every few years and I woke up in the water, while being on the #$%@&*! second floor in the last big one!”. So he decided to move up to a bit higher ground, while waiting for the USA-Americans that keep on building brand new houses on his former land, to get soaked in the next big one…

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One Response to “1000 Americans: Bill Enos, Mulege”
  1. Sheiila says:

    I think we used to know a Bill Enos but he had no cats. He used to have a cable business in Old Town Sacramento and we had the cats. Now it is Presa Canarios.

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