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1000 Americans: Rose, Diego & Ximena, Pacific Grove

February 8, 2009 by ,  
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Rose, Diego & Ximena

Rose, Diego & Ximena are housemates in Pacific Grove, adjacent to Monterey, California. All are active environmentalists, preferring the bike over a car and helping clean the beautiful coast of Monterey bay.

Diego has cycled across Europe and Asia, see his website & Ximena has just succeeded in getting styrofoam containers banned in Monterey. It is small initiatives like these that slowly make the world greener, from the bottom up…

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2 Responses to “1000 Americans: Rose, Diego & Ximena, Pacific Grove”
  1. nick biker says:

    Hola Diego y Rose,
    This is biker Nick who you kindly hosted in your home this summer. I’m in Leon, Spain now. my email is
    please mail me if you get this.

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