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1000 Americans: street vendor selling fruit, Puebla, Mexico

September 18, 2009 by  
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Street vendor, Puebla

This woman was sitting on the sidewalk, next to a restaurant, trying to sell the few bags of fruits she brought from the land.

Many poor farmers are trying to make ends meet by selling their goods in the big cities.

1000 Americans: Orlando, 80-year old gasoline seller, Mexico

September 12, 2009 by  
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1000 Americans: cevende gasolina

We got to chat with Orlando, an 80-year old Mexican that had great knowledge about geography and mountains all over the world. He was clearly very well educated, but now he just waited in the shade for his next customers: in exchange for free food and lodging, he sold gasoline for a local lady. Using his mouth and a hose he transferred the fuel into the expensive cars that stopped by, realizing that fuel stations were a rarity on this road.

We saw his eyes gleam when we told him about our trip, but our heart broke every time he spent minutes coughing and spitting after every filling-up of yet another car filled with rude people. It was a sad sight, especially with the wrongly spelled ‘Cevende Gasolina’ sign on the road behind him (‘Se vende Gasolina = Gas for sale).

1000 Americans: Coconut cutter in Mexico

September 10, 2009 by  
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Coconut cutter Hiding under a tarp for protection against the strong sun, Deolinda slowly cut her way through the pile of thousands of brown coconuts in front of her using a big axe.

The juice was thrown away, as only the coconut oil in the meat is interesting for the cosmetics companies that ultimately are responsible for hiring and underpaying her.