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1000 Americans: Alan Arvidson, Otis, Oregon

November 30, 2008 by ,  
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Alan Arvidson Alan had grown up in the Otis, near the Salmon River estuary and knows the area as the back of his hands.

He is in doubt which direction his life should take, but likes to show visitors his part of the world…

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One Response to “1000 Americans: Alan Arvidson, Otis, Oregon”
  1. Hello Harry!
    I hope that everything is going well for you. I was hoping that you could remove my photo from your website as it pops up on google whenever my name is typed in and it is not something that is very flattering for potential employers.
    I still remember you and Ivana’s stay and will cherish it as a memory forever.

    Thank you.
    -Alan Arvidson (Otis, Oregon. USA)

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