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1000 Americans: Jackie King & family, McCleese Lake, Canada

October 1, 2008 by ,  
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‘Where are you going?’ she asked and I replied that we were going to pitch our tent soon as it was getting dark.

I had stopped to put my pants on again over my cycling shorts, after a long hot day it was getting chilly again. We were close to McCleese lake, it was time to stop for the night.

While I was waiting for Ivana to catch up, a woman’s voice came from a house nearby: ‘Are you ok?’

I told her that all was fine and when she asked me if I needed anything I told her that some water for cooking would be nice.

‘Oh, you can pitch it in our yard or use our trailer! Come on in, I am Jackie, do you like wine?’

After we found out that her husband’s name was Terry, her brother’s Barry and mine Harry, we were set. We met her mother Joan, who was in her eighties, celebrating having survived a difficult surgery. It was a pleasant evening and we did get to stay in a small cozy trailer and the wine was drunk…

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