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1000 Americans: Diego Sarraseca, Los Angeles

February 22, 2009 by , 1,525 views 
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Diego Sarraseca


Argentinean-born Diego lives in an old gang house in South-East LA with his wonderful wife Claudia and two kids. when they moved in, they had to remove tons of trash and plaster some bullet holes.

Diego is trying to make a difference in the community by being actively involved in the local youth’s soccer competition. He is fighting against local government, so they can keep on using the fields for the soccer games and the kids keep shooting at the goal instead of shooting at each other…

If you want to know what else goes on in his head, read his blog:

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2 Responses to “1000 Americans: Diego Sarraseca, Los Angeles”
  1. adrian says:

    Hola Diego , que alegria encontrarte , soy Adrian el amigo de Roman de devoto , que fuimos al a fiesta en el country Aranjuez , que es de tu vida ? te dejo mi mail por si queres escribir , te mando abrazoo Adrian


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