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santosbikes with cows

July 8, 2008 by ,  
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Greeny & Kowalski between the Dutch cows

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One Response to “santosbikes with cows”
  1. Tim Snapp says:

    I just found your blog today. I hope things are going well, you have seen some incredible country and met some amazing people!

    I used to live in Alaska and have ridden the Dalton twice from Fairbanks on my motorcycle. The first time in 2000, when it was still gravel all the way from Fairbanks except for the first 34 miles…. They started chip-sealing it the next year, in 2001.

    I would love to know more about your bikes, and I think a lot of people would. It was difficult to find out that you were riding Rohloff hubs, and this is something that people need to know about! I’m not a dealer or anything, but I think Rohloffs will change the cycling world once we learn more about them, and hear from people such as yourselves, who are putting them through a “trial by fire.” Please let everyone know how the Rohloffs are doing. I really think this is important.

    I also see you are using some kind of suspension seatpost. I think this is very important information to! What are these? Thudbusters? What? Also, what kind of headlights are you using.

    More than anything, I wish you both a wonderful and SAFE journey through this amazing world…that you are sharing with so many people.


    Tim Snapp, Paradise, California.

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