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Happy 2009

January 1, 2009 by ,  
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Ivana prepared a nice post for new years, looking back and ahead:

2008 was incredible


We have been travelling all around the world the past year: from Amsterdam to Argentina, Peru, Australia, (Harry was invited by Jim, Thanks Jim), Istanbul, Tanzania and we started our trip by bicycle from Alaska to Ushuaia …


…It wasn’t just travel; the landscapes we had seen, the wonderful people we had met, the new friends… We enjoyed time with our family and friends that are far … Rediscovering the world, enjoying it, and learning how to take care of it …

muchas alegrias

We wish you all the joy for the new year

North Pole


Safari caminando Arusha Park

Nuestro oso negro al lado del camino, comiendo granos

Elefante comiendo espinas Tanzania

Ardilla preciosa

Wonders and surprises

Yo en la cumbre del Cerro el Plata en Mendoza Argentina, casi 6000 mys de altura ...  y  no estoy ni cansado !!

New challenges and dreams

Dalton Highway Alaska

Dreams to catch fuerza del mar...

The strength to make them possible

Canada - Maple …The best luck

john Ivana polar verde en bici -Gville02

…and perseverance

Canales de Amsterdam, las vistas son preciosas

Keep your curiosity

Peru , Cuzco

and the innocence of a child …


we wish you can find peace,


inside yourself and all around the world

Peru , mercado de Pisac

…we wish you a year full of colors

Tarta de manzanas Hummm !!

and sweet flavours …

friends and…

Canada con sol !!

….and partners for your adventures

Peru , mercado de Pisac

enjoy the simple things …



El perfume del bosque

and big, the beauty that surrounds us…

Green !!

we hope that we can learn, all together to take care of our world…

Probando la bici en los campos de Holanda

Thanks for being with us in 2008. Thanks to the ones that supported us from their homes, to the people that helped us on the way, and to all the wonderful people that we keep meeting every day. Thanks, we can’t and we dont want to continue without you. We feel happy and most of all very Thankfull ! Happy 2009 !

Collages para la pagina gracias Silvina,  encuentra el pinguino

Ivana and Harry

Peru , Puno Griet Comiendo tacos, con Dawn y Margriet Papa y Don Con la baby en el dique Mariana, Marta y yo  cena 14 febrero.. hummm arroz con sate sauce.

Despedida en la terminal de bus : Gretel, papa, mama y Rosita. Griet, mama de Harry, Romke y Harry, desayuno de pascuas Hermanitos Mis cachorritoss Peru , Machu Pichu Aiko y Silvina - Fiesta de despedida en el Vondelpark Kate y su guinea pig, Carmen

…and special thanks to our families and friends that we miss so much, We keep you in our hearts. Thanks for the patience and for suporting our adventures with so much love, as only you can do that..

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One Response to “Happy 2009”
  1. Milan says:

    What a beautiful card, what a great adventures, what an incredible places, inspiring people and what a pleasure to be one of them.

    Thanks to you, who made this all possible. Keep on rolling, keep on flowing, keep on moving and most of all keep on being you.

    Show us many of those moments so we can enjoy your trip a little bit and learn together with you.

    All the best.

    Milan en Brechtje

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