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1000 Americans: Daniel Wolf, San Diego

March 10, 2009 by ,  
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Daniel Wolf, San Diego

Daniel has been working on many projects, all of them focused on humanitarian issues.

“Philosophically I’m a kind of anarcho-socialist Confucian (got that?!). Very socially responsible, very involved in solving social and environmental problems, believe in equality and like to see government minimize interference in personal lives but support people and social needs where the countervailing force of the collective can improve life; yet believe in the duty and responsibility of all people to honor and respect others and their responsibilities and rightly exercised powers.”


“I’m a social entrepreneur, a vocation that ultimately sidetracked my Ph.D. studies, and right now I’m busy reintegrating all the facets of my life to create a new career (in the classical sense of "journey through life") that creates income and increases the probability of success of my social and business ventures.”


“I’m a lawyer, political scientist, one-time architect, amateur engineer, executive coach, entrepreneur in the arenas of landmines, robotics, public health concerns like pandemic flu, and green technologies. I’m presently involved in two startups: developing a robot for use against improvised explosive devices (roadside bombs), and taking a carbon-negative sewage-to-energy system to market.
My nonprofit is taking a new org under its wing, and we’re helping set it up as a nonprofit security organization to protect NGO/humanitarian workers in Afghanistan, where 64 have been murdered, and eventually other places.

“Another project, which is shaping up as tons of fun and may help millions raise themselves out of poverty, is Piclopedia, an open-source effort to make home-buildable tool/device plans available to everyone in ways that overcome language barriers. See our new website at
Some of my other work can be seen at,, and You can Google Daniel H. Wolf and Terra Segura International to see some of the articles I/we have published.”


“Current Mission: "Dedicated to empowering people to cope with disasters and explosive remnants of war"”

(all from his profile on

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  1. Natalia chareeva says:

    Congratulation ! You make a great job !!

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