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Up and running!

Well, we are not able to stop running it seems :), we are off to the start in a few minutes!

But already we have our choice of Good People to mention. First Romke helped us out so much (again) yesterday by dropping us at the schiphol Airport. Thanks for all your horpsitality Rom & Anouk, and sorry for the mess we made in your wonderful house!

We were greeted at Schiphol by Bas who helped with the check-in as we were too sleepy ourselves to do it!

To our amazement, all our gear arrived in Fairbanks with usm meaning all 12 bags and two bikes! Shame my headlight was busted by some aggressive bagage handler, but the good news is that we do not need to worry about it as it does not get dark here for the next few weeks 🙂

We found our way to the CouchSurfing hosts Erick and Miles who helped us out by taking us around the shops for the last minute shopping: inner tubes, mosquitonet-gloves and bear-spray! I asked about ‘after-bear’, but that did not really get any useful answers, just some blank stares…

They let us stay in their house and we had a nice dinner together. Ericka had also accepted the packages we sent them, so now we have a brandnew Big Agnes tent and plenty of Honey stinger bars to test!

Matt Atkinson from the Northern Alaska Tour Company had already been great by email and confirmed it by phone: we are going with them to Prudhoe Bay today, free of charge! Thaks Matt & Katie. Does this mean we have slept last night: no, but that is ok, we had not for the past weeks. But we are happy and are going out right now. We will try to start cycling down from Prudhoe bay tomorrow, which will probably take at least 12-14 days before we get back to Fairbanks and the real world, so we can post updates and images.

So see you then, lookin forward to your reactions,

All teh best from the last Frontier,

Harry & Ivana

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10 Responses to “Up and running!”
  1. Just want to say good luck and enjoy this wonderfull trip!

  2. Romke says:

    Hey H&I,

    Good to read your first real on-the-way post, I guess you won’t find many WiFi-spots between Prudhoe Bay and Fairbanks but I’ll have my RSS reader ready to catch your next post. Can’t wait to read more about how your bars, buts and bear-spray hold out. Did you ask for an impregnated bear-net?

    Have a good ride!


  3. Jette & BAs says:

    He Harry and Ivana,

    Must be great to be on your way, we are looking forward to read all about your adventures!
    For now: Happy birthday pal!
    And remember: pedal power rules….

  4. Romke says:

    Hey Har,

    Happy birthday! After celebrating your birthdays on beaches, glaciers and mountain sides it’s a miss not to join you on what must be one of your most adventurous birthday parties so far, but at least I know you’ll be in the best company there is.

    Have a good one!


  5. Romke says:

    A package arrived for you yesterday, I opened it just in case you won’t get to see it for this birthday and the two next … it’s a beautiful artwork and seems to be featuring a birthday-boy. It comes with the message:
    “Thanks Harry! hope you like it!”
    and was sent by Sophie, obviously another big fan!

    I’ll include a link to a scan, hope it comes through ok:

    – R

  6. Lincoln Hall says:

    Hey Harryman, Just remember it’s all down hill and then you die, even if you’re going up hill. Makes life easy when you think of it like that. Harry Birthday To You!

  7. Lincoln Hall says:

    Hey Harryman, Just remember that it’s all downhill and then you die. Life is easy if you think of it like that, even if you are going uphill. Harry Birthday To You!!
    all the best, Yellowman

  8. Shaunie Shiny Shoes says:

    Happy Birthday mate!
    didn’t think i would forget did you?
    hope you’re having a great day!

  9. Jeannette says:

    Happy late birthday Harry! Forget that downhill and dying business that Shauny is bragging about, remember 60 is the new 40 so you still have some ways to go……..Hi Ivana do not know how you keep up with him! Jeannette

  10. arnout says:

    I thought 80 was the new 40!? Happy B-DAY Harry!

    How’s that new version of epo treating you? Don’t worry,,, I won’t tell Ivana. 😛

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