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Day 44- 47: 24-27 August, a warm shower in WhiteHorse

We had spend another night in Champagne, hung over from all the food! We headed out on the old Alaska Highway and took a look in the old Indian Village nearby. It is more like a museum, with some examples of how the people lived before the days of the Highway and the ‘white men’. Though it was closed for the season, we wandered around, through the different huts. It had a very high ‘Blair-witch-project’ -level and Ivana wanted to leave quickly 🙂

It had started raining again and though it stopped for a while, it came down with full force when we were about 30km away from Whitehorse. I was freezing, but Ivana -who did not have any rainpants- was even worse. We went to the first open store and asked if we could make a call. 10 minutes later, Tracy picked us up and took us to her house..

Tracy is one of the 6000+ people on the Warm Showers list. These are biketravellers from all over the world, opening their house for other cyclists. This can mean anything from a place to pitch our tent to a spare bed. No money is exchanged, as in the end most hosts will get some Warm Shower elsewhere. As the host are cyclists, they know what other cyclist need: mostly a warm shower (hence the name), a place to wash and dry laundry but also a lot of food 🙂

If you want to meet some nice people on a bike, usually filled with stories, sign up yourself and host us or other biketravellers..

Whitehorse is not a huge city, about 25000 inhabitants. It is the capital of the Yukon and as it is the largest city in the province, it has all kinds of supermarkets, fast food and much more. We were a bit overwhelmed by the amount & variety of food available, but at least we found Ivana a new pair of rain pants.

We met another biketravellers couple while we were riding around: Wayne Maurer and his girlfriend Christine had met on the road and were travelling together now. It was nice to talk to them and hang out for a while. It was also good to see that we were not the only cycling couple that had a lot of luggage on our bikes: they had the same amount of panniers, a small laptop and extra clothes.

We noticed an announcement of the potlatch we had visited in Champagne in the local newspaper. We stocked up on Snickers bars and other goodies and hit the road after a few days of much needed rest.

Our host Tracy was great, it was a pleasure to stay a few days with her and her beautiful cat Sylvester, who walked around, saying ‘hello!?’ Thanks Tracy, for your hospitality and stories!

. Thanks for reading, soon more news from lovely canada!

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